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Protocols On behalf of my wife, children and the Governing Council of this great institution, I thank God for the mercy and benevolence He has bestowed on the polytechnic since its inception. I cannot forget His many blessings on us individually and as a state and nation, especially as we are transiting from one administration to another. I am particularly happy to address this gathering today because for some time now I was so occupied and has not attended matriculation ceremony of this institution for some years. Today, in the tradition of academic and in exercising the responsibility the polytechnic owes her freshmen and women, we shall officially admit you our beloved fresh students into Heritage Polytechnic’s family and also accord you the privileges and rights inherent in the polytechnic system. Heritage Polytechnic, as we all know, is ranked first among the private polytechnics in the country and we are now finding a place among the first overall five polytechnics (Federal, state and private) in Nigeria. Our graduates have performed excellently well anywhere they are found. The consistent favourable reports from employers of labour about our students show that academic and moral standards have stood the test of time. With these encouraging reports, we are challenged and fully committed to ensuring the sustainability of our hegemonic profiles and remarkable standards. Our establishment of the most popular radio station within our community – Heritage Radio 104.9 Frequency Modulation (FM) is to principally boost the practical course contents of Mass Communication department with students in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Electrical/ Electronic Engineering also benefiting. Most interestingly is the fact that over 90% of staff at the studio are the products of Heritage Polytechnic. The public commendations of the studio and its rich people-oriented and traditional rejuvenation and imbibition programmes are second to none. We are pleased that our students are using our radio right now to broadcast live, this matriculation ceremony. Before now, who could trust our ability of live broadcast? Let me say in a low tone that soon, and very soon, we shall open two other ventures that will further push Heritage Polytechnic ahead of its contemporaries. To make life more comfortable to our dear students, we have completed and furnished hostels for the students and this has practically inculcated in them the spirit of socialization, promote culture of reading and competition given the serene nature of the institution. We have constructed and furnished more classrooms and expanded our facilities to create more conducive environment for learning. These have contributed largely to improving students’ performance. The institution has, in her avowed determination to always remaining incontestably the best, completed a 21st Century Library edifice with e-library section which shall be put to use from September this year. We are happy that all our HND graduates have been mobilized for NYSC and I hope the present final year students can complete their academic works and join batch B NYSC by November this year. Heritage polytechnic is great. I congratulate you all. Between now and next matriculation, we shall invest heavily in the beautification of our campus, and construction of internal roads network. I shall continue to inject funds into the polytechnic as long as my joy of training sound citizens is sustained. This has been demonstrated in my instruction to let fees remain unchanged for about 5 years now despite our heavy financial burden. I have also directed that paper works for the establishment of departments of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and Architecture should commence and all drawings should be made ready for commencement of construction of the departments. I hope, in our characteristic manner, academic activities shall in no distance time begin in these departments. I must commend my beloved staff for their sense of hardworking and commitment to the noble cause of maintaining standard in the institution. Staff – student relationship has been commendable and has culminated in engendering a peaceful academic climate in the institution. Let me on behalf of myself, staff and students and the entire polytechnic community congratulate our governor-elect, Deacon Udom Emmanuel. We are happy because we believe his tenure will turn its eye on Heritage Polytechnic community. On behalf of the Governing Council, staff and students of the Polytechnic, let me present the intractable road problem staring the polytechnic and its host communities. The polytechnic, which is the best and biggest private polytechnic in the Federal Republic of Nigeria has the worst road in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The road construction was awarded by Niger Delta Development Corporation some 5 years ago and it has remained undone till date. Ikot Udota Community has suffered untold hardship and frustration from NDDC having frustrated them with an abandoned water project some 15 years ago. Sadly, the condition of the Polytechnic road has become unbearable thereby subjecting the affected people to teet-gnashing experience and untold hardship. It is on this note that we the entire polytechnic community passionately appeal to the Managing Director of NDDC, Mr. Bassey Dan Abia to please use his good office, revisit the contract and mobilize the contractor to site. With this he will be touching the lives of thousands of people in several ways. To my dear matriculating and continuing students, I wish to advise you to refrain from examination malpractice, cultism and indecent dressing as the law is no respecter of any person. I have witness some indecent dressing snowballing into the life style of this institution. Let me sound it clear that we shall not accept any student to come in here to damage our hard earned reputation of high level character combined with excellent academics. We shall instruct our security men to send any improperly dressed student or visitor off our campus. I thank parents and guardians for the unwavering confidence they repose on us and assure them that we shall continually uphold to the high moral, ethical and academic standards we are known for over the years. I wish you all journey mercies at the end of this ceremony. Thank you all.