Biochemistry is offered in the Department of Science Laboratory Technology. This department is blessed with 8 laboratories. It has the following laboratories: Chemistry laboratory, Industrial Chemistry Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, Physics Laboratory, Electronics Laboratory, Instrumentation Laboratory and Glass Blowing Laboratory all equipped with best laboratory equipment and tools. The department offers training leading to award of the following:
  1. ND Science Laboratory Technology
  2. HND Microbiology
  3. HND Biochemistry
  4. HND Chemistry
  5. HND Environmental Biology
  6. B.Sc Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biology and Chemistry (Collaborative programme)
Science Laboratory Technology department has the following staff:
  1. Mr. Aniekan Johnson (BSc)                                          Lecturer
  2. Mr. Ubom Idongesit J. (BSc)                                        Lecturer/HOD
  3. Miss. Bassey Anietie (BSc)                                           Lecturer
  4. Mr. Ekikor Saviour (BSc)                                               Lecturer
  5. Miss. Sarah Ekott (BSc)                                                 Lecturer
  6. Mr. Ubok Umakiso (BSc)                                              Lecturer
  7. Miss. Blessing Ekpedoho (B.Eng)                                Lecturer
  8. Mr. Aniekeme Daniel (BSc)                                           Lecturer
  9. Mr. Ndifreke Akpekong (BSc)                                       Lecturer
  10. Mr. Ofonmbuk Victor Joseph (BSc)                             Lecturer
  11. Miss. Iboro Idem (BSc)                                                  Lecturer
  12. Mr. Ubong Etukudo (HND)                                           Technologist
  13. Mr. Atang Bassey (HND)                                               Technologist
  14. Mrs. Elizabeth Ubong (HND)                                        Secretary