From the Rector

In line with the policy of the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (both at State and Federal levels) to encourage participation in the provision of education to the generality of her citizens (in the sense of qualitative and affordable education), Heritage Polytechnic, a private investment, has been given birth to on time and in response to this clarion call. The fact that the institution is indeed the first private polytechnic of this kind in the state notwithstanding a remarkable pace is deliberately envisaged to be set by this pioneer acropolis of knowledge. It goes without saying that the cardinal objective of a tertiary institution is to facilitate the process of skill acquisition to turn out manpower to meet the yearning and needs of the nation’s economy. This institution has been geared to go beyond this principal and traditional role. In this respect, moral virtues and social values will be inculcated in students to check the derailing moral values in society. Even in the face of moral depravity, this is possible when the right focus is established without losing sight of a conducive environment for scholarship to thrive in line with our motto ‘EXCELLENCE IN LEARNING’. We know too well that this hinges on a lot of factors ranging from qualification and well-motivated academic staff, reasonable teaching/learning facilities to general infrastructures for the smooth functioning of the institution and implied lubricating factors. We are committed to the welfare of students as demonstrated in the availability of well-furnished and spacious lecture halls, good laboratories and workshops, well-equipped and functional library to enhance effective learning at the polytechnic without losing sight of recreational facilities and hostel accommodation to alleviate the plight of students in this direction. I also wish, through this medium, to remind students of the stern consequences that will befall anyone caught engaging himself or herself in secret cult activities, examination malpractices and other social vices. Avoid the temptation of being lured into any secret Cults. Also, be reminded that the Diplomas or Certificates awarded by Heritage Polytechnic are for good character and learning. I encourage you to work hard and excel both academically and morally. Once more, I welcome you to Heritage Polytechnic – the vineyard of knowledge and excellence and wish you tremendous success in your academic endeavours. Elder Udoyiu Udoyiu