The polytechnic has a total of one hundred and twelve academics and Ninety four non academics staff. The staff strive to
  • Support the mission of the polytechnic in their transactions with students, staff, faculty, administrators, and the public;
  • Develop a positive, just, and equitable workplace; and
  • Be a quality workforce equipped with appropriate skills and knowledge.
List of Staff
 Name  Qualifications  Department  Specialties
 ENGR.MRS. Bolanle Eunice Oduleye  B.Eng  HOD, Comp. Engineering  
 Engr. Sunny C. Ozoani  B.Eng, COREN  Comp. Engineering  Lecturer
 Mr. Aniekan Robson Uko  HND  Comp. Engineering  Technologist
 Mrs. Iniobong Etukudo  HND  Comp. Engineering  Secretary
 Engr. Benjamin Nwankwo  B.Eng, COREN  Elect/Elect  DEAN
 Engr. Friday Ezekiel  B.Eng, COREN)  Elect/Elect  Lecturer
 Engr. Henry Jacob  B.Eng, COREN  Elect/Elect  Lecturer
 Engr. Agbasi Afemefuwa  B.Emg, COREN  Elect/Elect  Lecturer
 Mr. Paul Bassey Willie  HND  Elect/Elect  Technologist
 Mr. Anietie Etim Essien  HND  Elect/Elect  Technologist
 Mr. Akinrindola Sunday  B.Tech  Computer Science  Lecturer
 Mr. Bankole Moranyo  B.Sc  Computer Science  Lecturer
 Mr. Michael Nseobong  MSc  Computer Science  Lecturer
 Mr. Gabriel James  MSc  Computer Science  Lecturer
 Mrs Akuchiyere Obijiofor  B.Eng  Computer Science  Lecturer
 Mr Francis Willie Bassey  ND  Computer Science  Technician
 Mrs Julie Ebiekpe  HND  Computer Science  Secretary
 Mr. Aniekan Johnson  BSc  Science Lab. Technology  Lecturer
 Mr. Ubom Idongesit  BSc  Science Lab. Technology  Lecturer/Lecturer
 Miss. Bassey Anietie  BSc  Science Lab. Technology  Lecturer
 Mr. Ekikor Savior  BSc  Science Lab. Technology  Lecturer
 Miss. Sarah Ekott  BSc  Science Lab. Technology  Lecturer
 Mr. Ubok Umakiso  BSc  Science Lab. Technology  Lecturer
 Miss. Blessing Ekpedoho  B.Eng  Science Lab. Technology  Lecturer
 Mr. Aniekeme Daniel  BSc  Science Lab. Technology  Lecturer
 Mr. Ndrifreke Akpekong  BSc  Science Lab. Technology  Lecturer
 Mr. Ofonmbuk Victor Joseph  BSc  Science Lab. Technology  Lecturer
 Miss. Iboro Idem  BSc  Science Lab. Technology  Lecturer
 Mr. Ubong Etukudo  HND  Science Lab. Technology  Technologist
 Mr. Atang Bassey  HND  Science Lab. Technology  Technologist
 Mrs. Elizabeth Ubong  HND  Science Lab. Technology  Secretary
 Mrs Godwin S. Williams  MA  Mass Communication  Lecturer
 Mr. Ifeayi Martins  MA  Mass Communication  Lecturer
 Mr. Patrick Nkantion M.  BA  Mass Communication  Lecturer
 Mr. Uwem Akpan  HND  Mass Communication  Instructor
 Mr. Innocent Akwaowo  HND  Mass Communication  Instruction
 Mrs. Grace S. Isaac  HND  Mass Communication  Secretary
 Dr. Augustine Jacob  PhD  Business Administration and Management  Lecturer
 Mr. Udoyiu  MBA  Business Administration and Management  Lecturer
 Mrs. Imabong Nseyen  MSc  Business Administration and Management  Lecturer/HOD
 Mrs. Glory I. Ben  PGD  Business Administration and Management  Lecturer
 Mr. John Edet  MSc  Business Administration and Management  Lecturer
 Mr. Emem Inyang  MSc  Business Administration and Management  Lecturer
 Mrs. Esther Emem Thompson  BSc  Business Administration and Management  Lecturer
 Mr. Sunday E. Otukonyong  MSc  Business Administration and Management  Lecturer
 Mr. Joseph Etukudo  HND  Business Administration and Management  Secretary
 Mr. Essien Ekpeyong  MBA, ACA, ICAN  Accounting  Lecturer
 Mr. Edimo Edoho  MBA  Accounting  Lecturer
 Mr. Udiong N. James  BSc  Accounting  Lecturer/HOD
 Miss. Jenny Jacob  MSc  Accounting  Lecturer
 Miss. Ekaette Udoyo  HND  Accounting  Secretary
 Mr. Aniediabasi Udom  MBA  Marketing  Lecturer/HOD
 Mr. Uduak Reuben Akwaowo  BSc  Marketing  Lecturer
 Mr. Sunday Otukonyong  MSc  Public Administration  Acting HOD
 Miss. Justina S. Peter  BSc  Estate Management  Lecturer
 Miss. Eno Imoh Udoeyo  BSc  Quantity Survey  Lecturer
 Mr. Cosmas Aja  HND  Quantity Survey  Instructor
 Engr. Chukwuma Victor Obijiofor  B.Eng, COREN  Quantity Survey  Lecturer
 Mr. James Ime Emmanuel  BSc  Quantity Survey  Lecturer
 Mr. Ini Stephen Ikpe  BSc  Quantity Survey  Lecturer
 Mr. Lawrence Ntuk  BSc  Quantity Survey  Lecturer
 Mr. Philip Akpan  BSc  Quantity Survey  Instructor
 Mr. Donatus Usoro  BA  General Studies  Lecturer
 Mr. Mike Ike Ogbonna  MSc  General Studies  Lecturer
 Miss. Cindy Elummeze  BSc  General Studies  Lecturer
 Mr. Kusua Senam Ukut  BA  General Studies  Lecturer
 Barr. Nsefi Isoh Inyang  LLB  General Studies  Lecturer