Students Notice Board

 Missing Examination Scores

All issues of missing examination scores have been addressed and all results can now be checked online or with the Record Unit of Registry. Take notice that all students who purport to have missing scores hold no claim to this fact as all effort have been made to rectify all genuine claims. We have gone as far as sorting out the examination answer booklets for all such students and any one still holding such believe does not have answer booklet that indicates he took the examination. All students without scores should hurriedly pay their fees for this semester and write all their outstanding examination and graduate out. Best wishes to you all.

Extra Year Students

All students who did not complete their programme and are having extra year should sit up and get all their first semester courses registered now. They are to pay their fees and attend classes in all their first semester courses provided the sum total of credit units for the first semester courses do not exceed 30.  Also, register for second semester courses when we get to second semester and pay that semester fees. All students are to note that the Polytechnic will force out (dismiss) any student who cannot graduate within 4 years from the date of first registration. Those with registration number beginning with 2009 should be on their way out.

 Practical Session for Science and Engineering Students

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in all practical sessions as this institution emphasizes on practical. We shall not hesitate to keep a student longer than necessary if he does not perfect his practical skills.

 Tests and Examination

Students especially the fresh students should understand the importance of test in their academic work. Test constitutes a minimum of 30% in academic work while examination takes a maximum of 70%. Students are to consider test very serious and also attend all classes.

 Use of Telephone in Class

Students are warned not to keep their telephone handsets on during classes, tests and examination. The campus security men are authorized to seize such telephone set. The student using such will also be sent out of class, test or examination.